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Store Policy

Customer Care

  • We put you, the customer, first. Your concerns are taken seriously and with an appropriate sense of urgency, attention, and empathy. This means listening intently, taking notes, and confirming understanding before taking action.

  • Comments and feedback from you regarding how well your expectations are being met are welcomed and appreciated.

Privacy & Safety

It is our strict policy that under no circumstances do we sell or give away any information you provide us with to any outside or third parties. We keep in the strictest confidence any information you provide us with via E-mail, through our Online Store (via order submission, form submission, etc.), and/or written, phone, mail, or any other form of transmission. This information is limited to our company use only for filling your order and/or for periodic offers and information that we will send to you via E-mail from time to time if you subscribe to our mailing list. We alone maintain this data and do not sell it, give it away, or share it with any unauthorized persons, companies, etc.

Personalized orders

  • Customers with personalized orders should order in a timely fashion. Special orders need 4-5 weeks due to the soap curing time. 

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

  •  Credit / Debit Cards

  •  PayPal

  •  Offline Payments

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